Since 1990, the Electronic Tax Center has been providing tax preparation services for clients in South Texas. They have 19 locations, and since 1998 they’ve been using the tagline and jingle “Lightning Fast Dinero”. Some people close to the business thought it was time to walk away from the tagline. But our client wasn’t so sure. After all, isn’t that how brands are made, by creating messages that resonate, and sticking with them? Our client thought so. And so did we.
For most of the area’s blue collar residents, tax season is a big deal, as the average household return is the biggest check they receive all year. We wanted to capitalize on this by giving them another reason to get excited for tax season.
The strategy: Personify the tagline and create Lightning Fast Dinero, a super hero from South Texas sent to save people from shysters and maximize their tax returns. Besides, what’s more exciting, a person on the street corner dressed up as the Statue of Liberty, or a real, live super hero?
We created a movie trailer-like spot introducing Lightning Fast Dinero as a B-movie super hero who blows into town every year and solves tax problems in truly spectacular ways.
We negotiated to get the most media bang for the buck, including placement of the commercial as a movie trailer in local theaters to further our reach. We created movie posters featuring Lightning Fast Dinero to place at the theaters, as well as the local TV run, direct mail and social media. It was by far the biggest media splash for the Electronic Tax Center, garnering lots of PR and rave reviews. Created through the Swizzle Collective.
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