My name's Glen Gauthier, and Street Fair Studios is the company my wife Stacy and I formed while dreaming on a mountainside in Telluride one summer. We chose the name Street Fair because I believe that the business of advertising and branding should be an experience that makes you feel something. Like the feeling you get when you ride that ferris wheel or tilt-a-whirl. Not a list of product attributes or meaningless buzzwords, but a true, interesting story about your product or brand. Something that makes it stand out from the crowd. I say that because most of what's out there in the ad and design world is pretty forgettable stuff. Checking off the boxes and talking at you, instead of to you. That's a waste of your time and money, and I don't want to waste either. 
I've had the privilege over the past few decades–as a designer, art director and creative director–to create work that I'm proud of, and that has moved the needle for my clients and their businesses. I've worked for both large ad agencies and smaller branding firms, working with global brands to mom & pop businesses, with the common thread of creating memorable, strategically sound work that resonates with audiences. 
Some of what Street Fair does:
• Advertising
• Creative Direction
• Art Direction
• Design
• Typography
• Identity
• Interactive
• Social
• Strategy
• Copywriting
• Naming
• Brand Books and Style Guides
In my off hours, I'm also an accomplished fine artist, working in collage from my art studio just south of downtown Dallas. After staring at a computer screen all day, the wielding of an x-acto knife is occupational therapy. Click here to check out some of my work.
• Published work in the following national and international industry publications:
Communication Arts, Graphis Advertising Annual, Print Magazine, HOW Magazine, Advertising Age’s Creativity, Creativity 35, and LogoLounge.

• Multiple Telly Awards

• Multiple W3 Web awards

• Over 120 Addy awards, including National and Regional Addys, Art Director of the Year, multiple Best of Show awards and Special Judges’ Awards for Art Direction and Copywriting.
• I've also exhibited my collage work at Saatchi Art's The Other Art Fair in New York, and I've been part of gallery shows in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Fort Worth and Lafayette, LA. My art has been featured in magazines both in the U.S. and internationally.
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